Awareness of Shoulder Joint – Sensing Freedom

märts. 31, 2013 by

One of the most mobile and intricate joints in the body, the shoulder joint represents much more. With its ball and socket design, the arm bone has a chalice-like cup to rest into and express from. The humerus arm bone

Nia nädalavahetus Minna Aaltoga!

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Head Nia sõbrad!   Meil on ülihea meel teatada, et 16. ja 17. märtsil külastab meid Minna Aalto (Nia Brown Belt Teacher) Soomest. Minna kohta saate natuke rohkem uurida ja lugeda siit:   Meie ajakava näeb välja järgmine:   Laupäev (16.03.2013)

Awareness of Shoulder Girdle – Sensing Wings

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Shaped like a wing, this thin, flat structure is the only triangular bone in the entire 206+ bones of the body. When held up to the light, it appears translucent – how angelic is that?! Loe lisaks: